Frequently Asked Questions

What does Eyevertising do?

Who does Eyevertising sell to?

Where can these promotional sunglasses be used?


What type of frames do you carry?

Do you have more than one size?

What color frames are available?

How does the quality compare to other promotional glasses on the market?


What does UVA and UVB mean and why is it important?

What lens options are available?

What are polarized lenses?

What does UV400 mean?


What customizations are available?

What can I print on the temples/arms?

What can I print on the lens?

Can I use two different logos on each lens?

Can you see out of the pinhole glasses?


How can I get a sample?

Can you send me a mockup?

Can I mix frame colors for an order?

Are there any minimums?

Are there any set up charges?

What is your lead time?


How are the glasses packaged?


Where are you shipping from?

Do you ship overruns / underruns with the orders?