Frame of the Month: Heat Sunglasses

Frame of the Month: Heat Sunglasses

Frame of the Month: Heat Sunglasses

Classic meets modern, this hip frame offers hard lines, a squared off shape and relaxed fit. Leave it up to us to customize these stylish sunglasses to suit any industry, brand or event!

Ideal for events & industries including:

  • Automotive
  • Technology
  • Sports & Teams

Here are some examples of the Heat Sunglasses:

Simple & effective branding!

HD010 Heat Sunglasses

Match any brand's colors!

HD022 2-Tone Heat Sunglasses

Make any team stand out!

HC112 2-Tone Pinhole Heat Sunglasses


Discover endless customizations by clicking here, and remember that any customization can be done on any frame so if you see something you like on a different frame, let us know!
Or send us your client's artwork for free, same-day mockups to