Sunglasses & UV protection: what you need to know

Sunglasses & UV protection: what you need to know

As May is Healthy Vision Month, we thought it was a good time to bring you a few tips when selecting promotional sunglasses to present to your clients. The American Optometric Association recommends eyeglasses that “block UVA and UVB radiation”. Your clients may wonder what UVA, UVB, and UV400 mean? We can answer that!

UV stands for ultraviolet and is the wavelengths of the energy radiated by the sun on Earth. UVA are longer wavelengths (315 to 400 nanometers), UVB are shorter wavelengths (280 to 315 nanometers) and UV400 protections means the lenses protect eyes against radiation up to 400 nanometers (so both UVA & UVB). Prolonged exposure to UVA & UVB radiation can be harmful to the eyes. The National Eye Institute (NEI) recommends wearing sunglasses that block ultraviolet radiation whenever outside in the daylight, no matter the age nor the time of year. The ideal pair of shades covers the whole eye (the skin in that area is particularly sensitive to sunlight): the bigger, the better (and that's we like in promo too)!

We have some good news for you! All our sunglasses (even our clear lenses) provide 100% UVA & UVB protection and that protection does not wear off over time: the protection is built in for life.

Your customers may ask you about polarized lenses. Regular sunglasses provide protection against vertical and horizontal UV rays, but they don’t diminish the glare from reflected horizontal rays. Polarized lenses, on the other hand, have a laminated filter that allows only vertical light rays to pass through and almost completely blocks horizontal rays to eliminate glare and make images appear sharper and clearer. If your clients have any boating, fishing or events close or on the water (beach, lake, river, sea), a pair of polarized sunglasses will provide a shield against the danger of intense glare.

As summer approaches, your customers are starting to plan more outdoor events such as picnics, concerts, festivals, boating events, sports, BBQs, outdoor activities and more, and they are looking for a way to make their brand(s) stand out from the crowd. Sunglasses are the ideal cost-effective promotional product for these events: they are a trendy way of providing brand exposure whilst offering protection from harmful UV rays at the same time.

To summarize, a few things to consider when selecting promotional items for your customers:

  • Suggest sunglasses as a powerful and cost-effective way to promote brands
  • Select sunglasses that provide full UVA & UVB protection
  • Upgrade to polarized lenses for improved eye comfort


Remember that sunglasses are used all year round, even indoors with pinhole lenses!

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