Let's face it! The world is going digital! From money to wearable smartwatches, no matter where we turn, chances are, we're staring into a digital screen. What we are beginning to learn is the effect it can cause from the emitted light.

Generally, UV rays like sunlight, affects the front of our eyes - this is why we wear sunglasses. However, Blue Light rays from digital screens affects the more delicate area of our eyes in the back.  As we learn more below, discover how we can prevent potential damage by simply rocking Blue Light Blocking Glasses.

But what is blue light anyways? According to Harvard Health, It is a range of visible light spectrum, defined as having a short wavelength but delivers high energy. We receive blue light naturally from our sun which a good proportion is actually beneficial to the human body: it boosts alertness, helps memory and elevates mood.  

This is the main reason why it's used within all our electronic tools  such as TV's, laptop, smartphone, tablets, LED light, etc. 

While digital screens only emit a fraction of blue light compared to the sun (Zhao et al.), the frequency of use & long term is what's causing health concerns  such as....

1. Retina Damage

2. Digital Eyestrain

3. Delayed and interrupted sleep patterns 

 3 Main Benefits of Wearing Blue Light Blocking Glasses:

  1.  Reduce Eyestrain:   Protect your eyes! Scientific researches demonstrated that the blue light tires our eyes faster and affects our vision in the long-term. Wearing the blue light blocking glasses will provide the comfort and ease your eyes are looking for! 
  2. Reduce Headaches : Have you ever had a headache after being on the computer for a while? Yup, that's the work of blue light. Our Blue light glasses is here to help block those pesky rays and prevent unwanted headaches.
  3. Get a Better Night's Sleep:    Late night texting or web browsing can cause disturbances in our sleeping cycle as blue light decreases the natural sleep hormone generated by our body: melatonin. Wearing blue light blocking glasses before bed can help prevent sleep disruption while you watch those funny cat videos! - Yeah we can't get enough neither

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