We charge $0.10/pc (G) for single piece label applications. 

For special packaging we charge $0.10/pc (G), for Blue Light Informational sticker we charge $0.25/pc (G).

We recommend advising on label or special packaging within 7 days of an order's ship date. 

Master Carton Labels 

We currently offer services of labeling our master carton boxes FREE of charge for warehouse operations.


If you would like to have marketing material inserted to each frame, there is a fee of $0.18/pc (G) Inserts provided should be no bigger than a standard business card and have rounded edges.

If you would like us to provide inserts, there is labor fee of $0.18/pc (G) in addition to the card price

Please see below our pricing online 
  • 500 pcs: 1 side $0.18 (G), 2 sides $0.23 (G)
  • 1,000 pcs: 1 side $0.16 (G), 2 sides $0.20 (G)
*The production takes 12 days after the proof approval.

Drop Shipping

We offer your first 2 locations FREE of charge!

Each additional location is $10 (G)